The Women


The Women

from 110.00

Archival quality Giclee signed prints available on 100% cotton rag paper, 100% cotton canvas or 100% cotton canvas stretched from USD$110/AUD$150.

Available in various sizes and prices.

Size                                  Paper                        Canvas                     Stretched

42 x 27.7cm       US$110/AUD$150     US$170/AUD$230    US$200/AUD$270     

59.4 x 39.2cm     US$180/AUD$250   US$240/AUD$320   US$280/AUD$375                                                                      

84.1 x 55.6cm     US$250/AUD$335   US$310/AUD$420    US$385/AUD$520

100 x 66.1cm                                                                        US$600/AUD$800

130 x 86cm                                                                       US$750/AUD$1000            

Prices include shipping and handling except for "stretched canvas" prints where shipping costs depend on the size selected.

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